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Measuring Light Grid LGM - Measuring with Intelligence [Movie]

IO-Link provides measurement output data in millimeters

The new LGM Series measuring light grid is the latest highlight of automation light grids and is designed for material handling applications. 16 integrated measuring options allow the user to choose the optimum mode for their application and receive direct measured values in millimeters. The values are digitally transmitted at extremely fast cycle times via an IO-Link interface. IO-Link enables convenient parameterization, commissioning, and maintenance from the control level.

The LGM light grid is available with resolutions of 8 mm, 17 mm, 25 mm, and 50 mm and field heights up to 3200 mm, permitting large measuring ranges. The light grids have an ultra-low profile to fit into tight spaces. The IP67 aluminum housing withstands harsh environmental conditions even at cold-storage temperatures.


  • 16개의 내장 된 측정 모드 선정 가능
  • 밀리미터 단위의 다이렉트 측정 - 복잡한 데이타 전환 없음  
  • 내장 된 IO-Link 인터페이스는 셋팅 및 분석을 쉽게 함
  • 가볍고 슬림한 하우징은 빠르고 유연한 설치 제공
  • IP67 보호 등급, 저온 창고 어플리케이션에도 적절  
  • 크로스 빔은 더욱 높은 정밀도를 제공하되, 반응속도 영향 없음