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필드버스 제어권을 확보하십시오

FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1PROFIBUS PA의 필드버스 Physical layer는 고급 진단 모듈(ADM)이 있으며 관리 가능한 자산입니다. ADM은 커미셔닝과 문서화를 자동화하고 필드버스 세그먼트를 온라인으로 모니터링하고 결함을 실시간 탐지합니다.

임베디드 전문가 시스템은 개별 세그먼트의 전기 값과 동작을 습득하여 해석합니다. 공장 정비팀은 이해하기 쉬운 경고 메시지를 초기에 접수합니다. 이제 ADM을 써서 필드버스를 훨씬 손쉽게 관리할 수 있습니다.

The Installation Quality at Your Fingertips – The FDH-1

Fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1
Fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1

The fieldbus diagnostic handheld (FDH-1) is the only portable solution with embedded expert system. For novice and experienced users alike the FDH-1 offers functions to check and monitor the quality of the fieldbus physical layer. Our users can check:

  • the quality of an installation with just one push of a button,
  • existing cable for their usability with fieldbus,
  • messages from the expert system giving concise advice about quality and possible remedy of faults in the Installation.

Managing Availability: Diagnostics Detect and Isolate the Common Faults

Highest availability and minimizing fault conditions is the main demand in process plants. Researching fieldbus installations since 2001 has led our scientists and engineers to design fieldbus components and accessories that detect and isolate these types of faults. “Diagnostic” enabled components installed in the field will detect, alarm, and where possible, isolate these faults.

Take Control of More Assets

Monitoring the control cabinet requires additional inputs and outputs. They are now available with diagnostic gateways – the central component of making Advanced Diagnostics work in the DCS. Status of heating and cooling equipment, condition monitoring of fans and information about unauthorized access reach the control room as alarm messages.

Accessories monitor and alarm water ingress in junction boxes or instrument housings. Surge protectors issue alarms when replacement is required. Testing and re-testing in the field is no longer necessary.

Control Comes Easy and Integrated in Any DCS

With multiple choices for integration via Ethernet, FF-H1, or PROFIBUS DP the user has the choice to integrate all messages and alarms into the DCS. Fieldbus becomes an easily managed, healthy, and reliable asset required for today’s process automation systems.

Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1

Fieldbus Made Easy – the FDH-1

Get the best performance infrastructure with the new Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1