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The NVD-111 alarm system for grease interceptors monitors fat or grease layer thickness by using sensors FAU-104 or KVF-F. It signals when the maximum level of a grease layer is reached, indicating that the fat separator or grease interceptor has to be emptied. This ensures a safe and economic operation. NVD-111 offers two sensor connections:

  • Sensor FAU-104 monitors hardened grease, grease lumps, or food residue
    Typical use: industrial kitchens or food service 
  • Sensor KVF-F detects liquid grease
    Typical use: industries working with liquid and vegetable fats

The overflow sensor KVF-O distinguishes between air and water for detecting excess fluid levels.

Additionally, the alarm system includes these special features:

  • Easily wall mounted
  • LEDs display actual operation mode
  • Built-in acoustic warning alarm

There is also an independent potential-free changeover contact that can be connected to an external remote alarm or to a central monitoring system.

Labkotec takes over separator alarm system business

Your New Partner for Separator Alarm Systems: Labkotec Oy

Labkotec Oy has taken over the Separator Alarm System business from Pepperl+Fuchs.